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Section 11 Appointment and term of office

(1) At the proposal of the Federal Government, the German Bundestag shall elect without debate the Federal Commissioner with more than half of the statutory number of its members. The person elected shall be appointed by the Federal President. The Federal Commissioner must be at least 35 years old at the time of election. He or she shall have the qualifications, experience and skills, in particular in the area of the protection of personal data, required to perform his or her duties and exercise his or her powers. In particular, the Federal Commissioner must have knowledge of data protection law acquired from the relevant professional experience and be qualified for judicial office or higher administrative service.

(2) The Federal Commissioner shall swear the following oath before the Federal President: “I swear to do everything in my power to further the good and the benefit of the German people, to protect them from harm and to defend the Basic Law and the laws of the Federation, to perform my duties conscientiously and to exercise justice in all my dealings, so help me God.” The reference to God may be omitted from the oath.

(3) The Federal Commissioner’s term of office shall be five years. It may be renewed once.