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1. This Directive lays down common minimum standards for the protection of persons reporting the following breaches of Union law:

(a) breaches falling within the scope of the Union acts set out in the Annex that concern the following areas:

(i) public procurement;

(ii) financial services, products and markets, and prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing;

(iii) product safety and compliance;

(iv) transport safety;

(v) protection of the environment;

(vi) radiation protection and nuclear safety;

(vii) food and feed safety, animal health and welfare;

(viii) public health;

(ix) consumer protection;

(x) protection of privacy and personal data, and security of network and information systems;

(b) breaches affecting the financial interests of the Union as referred to in Article 325 TFEU and as further specified in relevant Union measures;

(c) breaches relating to the internal market, as referred to in Article 26(2) TFEU, including breaches of Union competition and State aid rules, as well as breaches relating to the internal market in relation to acts which breach the rules of corporate tax or to arrangements the purpose of which is to obtain a tax advantage that defeats the object or purpose of the applicable corporate tax law.

2. This Directive is without prejudice to the power of Member States to extend protection under national law as regards areas or acts not covered by paragraph 1.